Three Afghan fascists, one encyclopaedia

Mohammad M. Naseh
13 June 2012

Afghanistan's recently-revised encyclopaedia reveals shocking figures on ethnic composition for the country. Published by the "Academy of Science", formerly known as the "Pashto Tolana", the “Encyclopaedia of Aryana” has outrageously put the Pashtoons at 62.73% and Tajiks at 12.38%.

Although the head of Afghanistan’s Statistics Office has dismissed the figures as “unofficial” and “unacceptable”, the fact that it has gone to the print and contains President Karzai’s signature has caused an outcry in the troubled country.

The encyclopaedia also includes highly exaggerated number of Pashtoon “scholars”, personalities and makes false references, such as "Afghan Samanid rulers" and "ancient Afghanistan", by downplaying the land's historic and respected name "Khorasan" which even Pashtoon rulers revered and described their territory until late 19th century. Other falsifications include claims that the word “Parthia” or “Persia” has evolved from Pashtana, Pakhtana and Paktiana.

The fact is that the name "Afghanistan" was first used by the British to the current territory. Before 19th century, "Afghanistan" was referred to the far south-east areas such as greater Paktia regions and the Pashtoon areas which are now part of Pakistan. The controversial word "Afghan" referred to the very people but later imposed on the entire population of today's Afghanistan.

Since the early days of Islam, "Khorasan" contained eastern Iran, all of today's Afghanistan & parts of Central Asia. Khorasan is the birthplace of renowned Persian scholars, philosophers and polymaths, such as Rumi, Khayyam, Avicenna, Al-Biruni, Farabi, Ferdausi, Zakariya Razi (Rhazes), etc. An increasingly number of areas or institutions are being named in Afghanistan after little-known Pashtoon personalities with total disregard to Khorasan’s great Persian heritage and its world class scholars.

Who has tampered with the encylopaedia?

Habibullh Rafi, a known Pashtoon nationalist, has been serving as head of the Encyclopaedia section of the Academy of Science since 2006 when another Pashtoon nationalist/conservative leader, Abdul Karim Kurram, became the minister of information and culture. Both are from the Sayed Abad district of Wardak. The highly controversial Khurram is currently serving as President Karzai's chief of office.

What are the sources of encyclopaedia’s ethnic make-up?

The figures are fabrication by Pashtun super-nationalist Nabi Misdaq, who was head of the Pashto radio service of the BBC until mid 1990s. The supremacist was thrown out of the BBC for using his position and the corporation to incite ethnic tensions in Afghanistan. In a letter to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel in 2010, Misdaq and a number of other well-known Pashtoonist ideologues quoted these ethnic figures to claim that the Pashtuns were victims of "injustices" in Afghanistan!

Misdaq, Sayed Jan Karwani, Farooq Azam and Ustad Nigargar met Taliban leaders in Kandahar in 1997. At a conference in London on return from Kandahar, Misdaq, head of the so-called “fact-finding mission”, praised the Taliban as the “true sons” Afghanistan. He also claimed that the Taliban governor of Kandahar Mullah Hassan had kissed their clean-shaved faces as a proof that they were not enforcing compulsory beard on men.

Are there other culprits?

Yes. Nabi Misdaq bases his invented ethnic composition, which also appears in his book (Afghanistan: Political Frailty and External Interference), on a so-called research by a non-existent “WAK Foundation in Norway”. This WAK seems to be his ghost venture with Hassan Wolasmal, former leader of the Pashtoon nationalist Afghan Millat Party (or Afghan Social Democrat Party).

Wolasmal spent 10 months in prison in Norway in late1990 for raping a disabled Norwegian boy, but released after his lawyers argued that he was mentally unfit. The story was published on major Norwegian papers, with one headline reading “62-year old Afghan pedophile imprisoned for rape”. The story was also published on the Farsi Omid Weekly in the USA after verified by the Norwegian embassy in the United States.

Wolasmal lived in Norway from 1986 to 2002 with his two wives (one under the guise of being his sister). He left for Afghanistan sometime after the release and now appears on TVs as a political commentator from time to time. In an interview with the Norwegian paper, in Kabul on 30 June 2006, about a hunger strike by Hazara refugees over uncertainty about their asylum cases, Wolosmal unethically claimed that the striking Hazaras were not in danger in Afghanistan. He, instead, argued that the Pashtoon refugees deserved asylum in Norway, not others.

At a time when Afghanistan needs unity more than anything else, Karzai, who was supposed to conduct a transparent national census with accordance to the Bonn Agreement, has signed the encyclopaedia to the dismay of the majority of the population. He and his Pashtoon predecessors have largely avoided conducting a census in Afghanistan fearing that the myth and fallacy of Pashtoon “majority” could be exposed.

What is the ethnic composition?

Until 2001, most international agencies, such the UN, US government, Library of US Congress, CIAFactbook, etc put the Pashtoons at 38% (see US link below). The figures were based on the general census conducted by communist Pashtoon President Noor Mohammad Taraki in June 1979. Population figures for all districts & provinces were later published in the “Atlas of Afghanistan” which was compiled by the UNDP, Afghanistan's Central Statistics Office and Polish experts on the basis of the census. Most non-Pashtoons dispute this 38% because it includes a large and arbitrary figure for Pashtoon nomads in order to inflate over all Pashtoon population.

After the US occupation of Afghanistan, the CIAFactbook (now WorldFactbook), revised its figures for Afghanistan by putting the Pashtoons at 42%, Tajiks 27% and in contrast sharply downsized the Hazaras to 9% from 19%. This was largely seen as a move to justify giving a large share of political power and resources to the ethnic group in Afghanistan.


  1. These viruses are worse than occupations, worse than the Soviets, Worse than the communists, worse than the western occupations, worse than the Taliban, and worse than a cancer. Because they are viruses within our bloods and spreading all over our body. Our times are counted. So, wake up and do you job otherwise

    1. The fact that you even believe this article is shameful. There are so many factual falt here, I don't even know where to begin dissecting this propaganda. For starters, Mohammad Wolasmal has never been imprisoned for raping a boy - he was a political prisoner of Pakistan, which is why he was given asylum in Norway.

      He also states that it is not unsafe for hazaras to return to Kabul, which it clearly isn't. What ethnocentric do they experience there, where hazaras are a majority? He referred to Kabul, not all of Afghanistan as this article states.

      I also looked up the article they claim was published about his rape. I could not find find a shrewd of evidence for it. If anyone can disprove my argument, please do - I challenge you.

      Instead of spewing false claims, make yourself useful, article-writer. Write something that acctually is true.

  2. The non- Pashtun people of Afghanistan ought to take advantage of social media websites by making factual video clips about who really populates the lands inside Afghanistan, and post it to the world. Today politics is playing a major role with choosing Pashtoon's as the largest ethnic group inside Afghanistan. And also, just as Persian speaking people are not allowed to inhabit the Pashtun area's, Pashtun's oughtn't be allowed to inhabit the lands which belong to the Tajiks, Uzbiks, Hazara's, Turkmen, and other people of Eurasian decent inside Afghanistan.

  3. Tajik dogs will always be dogs

  4. Another top fascist is missing - Karim Khurram, a close aide of Karzai. These tribal parasites are eating all of Afghanistan's golden opportunities from within. The older they become, the more uncivilized the get.

  5. The men of Kábul and Khilj also went home; and whenever they were questioned about the Musulmáns of the Kohistán (the mountains), and how matters stood there, they said, "Don't call it Kohistán, but Afghánistán; for there is nothing there but Afgháns and disturbances." Thus it is clear that for this reason the people of the country call their home in their own language Afghánistán, and themselves Afgháns. —Firishta, 1560–1620 AD

    The word Afghanistan wasn't first used in the 19th century, as this shows. This shows how little research you have done before writing this article.

    Stop spreading lies. The truth is that around 60%-70% of Afghanistan are Pashtuns. If you don't like it, get out of the country.

    1. "The truth is that around 60%-70% of Afghanistan are Pashtuns"

      Unless you can share factual evidence your statement will merely stand as an assumption. Do us all a favor, stop spreading false information.

  6. The Pakhtun’s National Unity

    By: Mohammad Afzal Khan (Khan Lala)
    Translator: Dr. Shir Zaman Taizi
    Year of Publication: December 1998

    In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful
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    A study of these ground reliefs reveals that they demarcate different geographical units. Somewhere a geographical unit lies between high mountains on one side and vast ocean on the other side. Somewhere a geographical unit or a country is bound by deep and noisy rivers. Somewhere vast deserts and plains mark a geographical unit. In sum-total, these ground relief’s reflect various conditions and needs of the nature from various angles.
    Needs of the nature are not limited to geographical units. The matter rolls on. The geographical unit, the ground reliefs and other factors cause development of a particular language and culture. This language and this culture take a long spell of time to grow and mature under the natural impact of ground reliefs of the country. The common culture assembles people together into a society. The society develops a common way of life which evolves gradually and naturally a cultural Unity. When the cultural unity stabilizes its links with the geographical unity the matter rolls on further. The nature provides all necessities of life to people in a geographical unit. Sources exist according to needs of people.
    Conformity between understanding and necessity of these sources beget economy, which yields the concept of national and individual properties. Economy strengthens its roots in the society. And the geographical unit becomes a unit of culture and economy. When the sense of ownership of properties matures and understanding se develops, maintenance, defiance and administration of the “triple unit” give birth to politics. And when the triple unit attains the status of a political unit, the process of evolution of a nation completes. So, the nation cannot come up without these factors. Nations are born by nature according to needs of the nature. The more the “four folds unit” grows old, the more its existence becomes stable. Problems decrease and national values and dignity are stabilized.

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  7. These figures are accurate soon or later CIA will change their fake figures and adapt 62.73% as the new number. also, you are a Tajik and your job is to oppose it, but you have no idea that the Pashtun ethnic group is growing and its figures will raise from 62.73% to 70% percent in the upcoming 10 years. what will you do then? I guess your fake article cannot stop them from growing. Good luck with your CIA figures.

  8. I think there is a rational way to make arguments about population and ethnic composition of Afghanistan rather than resorting to insulting each other. Facts are facts and the fact is that Pashtuns make up the majority of Afghan population. It does exceed 50 %, although accurate statistics are not available. The second largest ethnic group is Tajik around 30 % followed by Hazara, Uzbeks and others. This is the information available from most of the reliable sources. However, all are afghans regardless what ethnic group they belong to.

  9. What will you call yourself if you deny to be called "Afghan"?. Ariana and Khorassan have long gone. You and I both know that we will never return to Afghanistan. So, stop spreading the seeds of friction, discord and hatred amongst the Afghan ethnic groups. Let the Afghans live their lives in their beautiful country side by side of each other in peace and tranquility as they have done all along. Be short the hands of such culprits and be deaf the ears of such haters and be mute the tongue of such criminals who spread the seeds of hate amongst the Afghans and he himself lives somewhere in the West munching on food stamp and enjoying the free housing.

  10. Let's assume Afghanistan has been ruled by the Pashtoons for most of its history. But hasn't it always had a government mixed of all of the ethnic groups? Most of the Pashtoons have lived in poverty as same as the other groups. We have lived in Afghanistan and lets speak the truth in presence of Allah (swt). There was no sense of favoritism for Pashtoons because the ruler was a Pashtoon. Majority of the Government seat were occupied by the Tajiks.The Mohammadzai's didn't even speak Pashto. In fact, they hated Pashtoons. But still Afghanistan was Afghanistan because it was the home of the Afghans and will remain the home of Afghans as mentioned in Dawood Khan's National Anthem. If you consider yourself an Afghan, you have a home and if you do not consider yourself an Afghan, you have no home. In fact, you are homeless and a bum. I wish Iran stops its agents from spreading propagandas. Afghanistan is Afghanistan, will remain Afghanistan and will be the home of the Afghans regardless of which group tops the population.