It used to be Voice of America, not Voice of Pashtunism

It used to be Voice of America, not Voice of Pashtunism

Ethnocentrism is not just discrimination; it’s also demoralizing and soul-damaging. Afghanistan is home to many ethnicities, cultures and languages. Leading such as country needs honest and faithful politicians and role models. But what we have been going through since the removal of the Taliban regime is extremely disappointing. The Taliban were illiterate and backward. It was not hurtful when they used to discriminate against people based on their differences because the Taliban were not expected to be humanistic by outlook.

What we witnessing today is unacceptable. People who grew up in the Western countries, received higher education in best universities there and enjoyed equal rights as the natives of those countries with no discrimination based on ethnicity or religion, but after their graduation, they return to their tribal lifestyle and misuse their education in ways to bring down others and hijack their civil rights.

One pathetic thing about the government of Afghanistan under President Karzai that is unmatched to this extent by any other such government since the founding of modern Afghanistan is its Pashtun ethnocentrism policy. The Infamous Pashtun Ethnocentric Revolution started from the ARG of Kabul to every governmental bodies and foreign founded agencies such as Radio Azadi (RFE/RL) Voice of America, the social media and every possible forum. If I start talking about Pashtun supremacy ideas in the past 10 years, then I may need a hundred pages to enumerate my complaints. But I am escaping and coming to my points as I mentioned on the subject of this article.

Lately Voice of America Radio service in Afghanistan has emerged as a propaganda tool to promote Pashtuns at the expense of people of other ethnicities. The service is totally dominated by Pashtun people. Their works are extremely monitored. For example, whenever there is a talk show, they don’t give non-Pashtun callers a chance to express their ideas. They have their own selected experts who analyse everything based on the interest of Pashtun policy. They invite people who think non-Pashtun people are refugees in Afghanistan, who are to be treated as second class citizens. On social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, they praise Pashtun officials but slander non-Pashtuns. They always avoid any negative reports that are about high profile Pashtuns in the government but highlight reports of any non-Pashtun minister being accused of corruption or land-grabbing. A criminal is a criminal. Why one is honoured and another one denigrated?

In Ashna TV, both in Washington DC and Kabul, most of the Farsi news anchors are Pashtuns who don’t know the language well enough to be speaking it on television. What do you feel if a Spanish news anchor with an heavy accent read the news in English for you? What would you feel about your children growing up speaking mother tongue in an improper fashion?

The VOA Facebook page posts this image with a short note saying ‘No Explanation;. It’s a picture of three non-Pashtun leaders who happened to be opponents of President Karzai and everyone knows who they are. The focal point of this picture are bottles of drinks, though it is unclear as to whether these drinks are alcoholic beverages. In any case, this is not the Voice of Taliban Radio, it’s the Voice of America Facebook page, so why is it shocking to see people drink?

This doesn’t bode any good for the image of the United States in Afghanistan. This  station represents the US in another country and it shouldn’t be a propaganda base for a single ethnicity.

Note: I request our blog readers to forward this article to the board director of VOA. It would be nice if we let the American staffs know about this issues.


  1. It's irritating...
    As long as these nationalists & tribal men stay in power as dominants on all the ethinicities of Afghanistan, it will be continuing this way, sadly.
    They prefer to hire a Pakistani Pashton from over the durand line rather than Non Pashtons of Afghanistan...

  2. Pashtuns have always been used by those of political interest about Afghanistan.They have lived among indigenous people and have learned the manner, culture, morals and the the Persian language.

    Unfortunately they are still being used commercially by Pakistan etc. Thus they use the media in preaching their messages of hatred, nationalism and fascism of the tribe. They don't only get paid by the VOA, but also of the fascist Afghan Milati Group also know as Afghan Nationalist Group where most its members are hard liner Taliban supporters as well as ISI members!

  3. As we all know that still it is not clear where the Pashtuns came from. The researchers and historians have different ideas about their origin. Anyway they are not from this region. Few hundred years ago when Genghis Khan burned down all the old cities and villages of Tajik People, Pashtuns who were hiding in Sulaiman Mountains at that time, occupied the left over cities and villages of Tajiks. And now they call this region their Babas' Lands and gradually changing all the historic names to their own langauge and also changing the history, calling their worst leaders (who killed millions, burned down and looted thousand cities of non-Pashtuns and neighboring countries), the greatest of all and their Baba and force others to follow them.
    And at the current time, their activities are more than anytimes before.
    We all the non-Pashtuns, have a message for them, "They should know this that they will never succeed and we will never stop our resistance".
    We are well aware what they are doing and we know our history very well.
    We accept any good people from any countries and any ethnicities as our countrymen, but will never let anyone to change our history and burn our homes and lands and kill our women and kids and sell them to Arabs and Pakistanies.
    We were an independent nation, we are now and we will be forever.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful piece exposing the biased VOA. VOA has always raised and bred ethno centric pashtuns who working for pashtun supremacy. We are not against Pashtuns, but deserve and demand equal treatment.

  5. unfortunitly, the media is mihiring its staff and reporters from a single tribe who can not represent the majority of afghanistan and by this policy they are loosing thier credibility and their country image in afghanistan.

    The same policy is used by BBC persian in afghanistan in which they have hired its staffs and reporters from Hazara people only.

    We hope that the international media should not follow the wrong polices and shoud rethink their overseas polices.

  6. I totally Agree with the information provided in this article and because of worst presentation of VOA DARI news casters VOA DARI is loosing its listeners rapidly.
    I mean for God sake what would think if a Hespanic native speakers come and reads the news for you in his heavy tune ???
    the same case happening in VOA DARI, they can't correctly pronouce DARI Language but still they are there in VOA and analyzing polical situation acording to their own agenda.
    Most important is that even the whol Family has occupied the VOA Dari news they are called the (LAMEH) family which includes Farzad Lameh, Fawad Lameh, Shaista Lameh, Suliman Ashna and a bunch of others.
    which kind of merit is this that Americans believe in.
    I request the VOA board of director to disqulify this occupation of Family and hire people who can read good and clear the news for VOA DARI.

  7. Pashtuns are superior in all fields, everywhere! Never feel Bakhili with Pashtuns!!! Rather than speaking bullshit, go and educate yourselves you all Persians and then compare yourselves with Pashtuns on education and professional merit.

  8. It is true that present Afghanistan has ruled by the Pashtun but mostly with the help of British, Soviet and latter the Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and now the US. If you look to the borderlines and its agreements all of them were signed by the Pashtun for example, Durand, Victoria, McMahan, Fakery, Zarqol, instead Pashtun rulers were receiving cash and suicides from the British, Soviet, Pakistani and America.

    Moreover, I want to name of couple of them likewise; Timor Shah, Shah Shuja, Dost Mohammad, Amir Shir Ali, Amir Abdurhman, Habibullah, Amanallah, Nader, Zahir, Daoud, Hafizullah Amin, Tarki, Najib, Molla Omer and now Karzai.
    Hence, we knew that they did not give us a chance to study in the past and only we have got this chance during the Soviet Occupation and now the American intervention. We also know the Tajik wanted to rule this country (Habibullah and Rabbani) but they have limited vision to rule a country. That is why the irrational policy of both Masoud and Rabbani have resulted the Taliban militants.

    Although, the Pashtun ruled the country for the last two and half century but did not pay attention towards the development, reconstruction etc compare to most countries of the world –Nevertheless please look to the Pashtun society now as well as their past, the Pashtun Rulers could not serve to the Pashtun themselves yet. Look to Hekmatyar, Molla Omer they are spy of outsiders and they kills the civilians in Qandahar, Jalalabad, Khost, Kabul etc.
    This is 21th century; we should know give a chance to all ethnics, race and languages that we could live together in the future. We must learn good lessons from India and this applies to Pashtun politicians first who tend to monopoly the power at age 21 century which will have a bad impact on Pashtun society and it gives a very bad image from the Pashtun to non-Pashtun later on.

    Finally, I request all Afghan but mainly the Pashtun politicians that please distribute the national ID cards to Afghan people and please keep a transparent record of everyone’s figure prints and eye prints. Having said this, would enable us to understand the exact number of populations for the first time and afterwards we will have a right statistics in history of Afghanistan, we will know the gender, ethnic, age, education rate, etc. Thank you

  9. My deepest condolences for the people of Afghanistan!
    Poor non pashtun speakers!

  10. The Voice of America sadly is not any more voice of America. It is voice of ethnocentric Pashtun, who are promoting the notion of Talibanisim and Pashtunwali code.

  11. VOA Should not be used as family business.
    VOA should not be used by Racists and false propaganda.
    VOA should not let Racist take over this organization.
    VOA should stay neutral and let not be misused.
    VOA Afghanistan can do better if Racists are not in it.
    VOA for Afghanistan should not hire Racists like Lameh Family.

  12. It is very shameful and embarrassing that all the discrimination and segregation is happening in one of the most prestigious federal organisation of United States, and perhaps the governor board of directors of IBB and BBG already know that VOA is founded in order to convey one simple massage "FREEDOM" for all the people.
    I have one simple massage to VOA director, please act against the fascism and racialism within your organisation. with regargds

  13. It is indeed very sad. Everyone complains about Ashna TV and Radio Voice of America Washington DC Afghanistan service. Years ago it was a very popular source of news in Afghanistan and all over the world. But it is losing its creditability for the Pashto and Tajik war they have started in this organization. It was a very beautiful radio, we had journalists and reporters like Mehrpore, Shokria Rahd, Malikyar, Jalil Ghani and many other talented Afghan Dari native speakers that we enjoyed and loved listening to the news. It had journalists and reporters for us (Dari Native) speakers as well, but now we can’t find anything for us in this Radio and TV. Whatever, we hear is in Pashto accent. They hire Pakistanis rather than a Dari native speaker for a work that a Dari native speaker should do.
    This organization insults both Dari as well as Pashto languages. It is like firing and denying jobs to all Americans whose native language are English instead giving all jobs to Spanish native speakers, saying that we are helping the organization. Now all Americans should stay at home because the Spanish native speakers will do two works English and Spanish. We all know it is very wrong. Those Spanish native speakers will have accents, all American would have trouble listening and understanding the news. It is what happening with VOA.
    Our both languages are beautiful if they are used by their own people and each use it for their own audiences.

  14. The other problem, it has become a family organization. You just mentioned the name of either a husband or a wife. It is an office of all Maiwandi relatives, friends, Pashto native speakers and those who can please her. She does not hire people for their talent it is based on other things. Everyone is related to the other one in VOA Afghanistan Service. If u are not related to someone in VOA then no one will even read your email, comment, recommendation, suggestion or objection. Getting a job or being voiced will be 10000% impossible.

  15. Response to Gulmora!
    This should not happen in the USA. All Afghanistan and Afghans all over the world know about it then why would the Federal Government keep silent and still lets her segregate, discriminate and divide humanity!
    It is every responsible human beings job to stop this kind of anti humanity's war.

  16. that is exactly right that illiterate Pahstuns are working in VOA. I saw a poor Dari report presentation from SAPI, even though he could not speak fluent in
    I recall all friends to go to VOA official website and request from authority to solve this.
    AHMAD, Kabul city

  17. Afghanistan shall be carpet bombed so that all its stupid people rot in hell. This bloody nation will never be peaceful. you will be witnissing civil war soon and rivers of blood again. Wake up. where has the world gone and where you stupid are struggling with

  18. This is just a bias article, even the information mentioned above is incorrect. Facebook is not considered as a reliable source, and it is shameful that (Young Afghan Political Science Students) is referring to it as a source and made it a base for such a bias piece.
    Just for example: Jalal Mirzad is my personal friend, and he is not Pashtun, nor can he speak a word in Pashto.
    Sear, Ahad, and many other workers are native Farsi speakers who I know them and are working in there, but there is not mention of their name.

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  21. Entirely biased article...if a pushtoon can not speak Dari,,he is a discriminate one and instead if he can speaks Dari,,by ethnicity again he is a discriminate one..but in one country the non-pushtoons or Dari Zuban do not try to learn or speak pushtooo...even they are against i...but they are doing no discrimination...We the Pushtoon reigned the Afghanistan and nearby territories for centuries..and we have defeated the Powers throughout the history...It is in fact shows the glory of our nations and might be it is our weakness the we shadow other nations...